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Professional Photographers

We are so excited to open for our 2nd Annual Sunflower Season!

This year we are coming back bigger and better with almost a dozen breeds that will create the perfect backdrop. Photographers have been some of our biggest supporters, and we can't thank you all enough! The way you capture our fields is absolutely breathtaking and we can't wait to welcome you and your clients.

When planning your professional sessions at the farm, there are a few things you should know:

Scheduling Sessions:

Photographers will purchase separate tickets based on the amount of time needed for their sessions

Tickets will be sold on our website

Prices: $25/hr or $60/day
Clients will have to buy their own admission tickets and pay per stem on the way out if they choose to pick flowers
Tickets will be available for purchase one week before our opening


Tulip Bloom:

We are anticipating our opening weekend to be April 24th, but this date may change depending on the bloom
Tulips will stay in bloom for about a month, but we recommend booking photography sessions within the first 2-3 weeks of the season to ensure flowers are at their peak for your photos

Sunflower Bloom:

We are anticipating our sunflower season to open the first week of August 2021. Depending on mother nature things may change slightly, but not much. Sunflower peak bloom will last 3 weeks and should be open for at least 4 weeks.

What to Expect:

Over a two dozen breeds were planted so you will have a wide variety of colors to work with!
Please keep in mind that Spring is a wet season so it may be a good idea to advise your clients on how to dress appropriately for their sessions. Nice shoes are not recommended!
We will be providing plenty of props and backdrops including:
Antique tractor(s)
Wicker flower baskets
Backdrop area with bench

Are You Ready For The Bloom?